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What we do

The project

Doggyly collection is born from our love for the most faithful friend, proposing a line   of exclusive and luxury dog beds, where design meets quality and excellence of ”Made in Italy” craftsmanship. Every dog bed is an original idea, luxurious, versatile, perfect for any kind of indoor environment and any kind of furnishing style, from classic to contemporary.

The materials

Doggyly dog beds mix the singularity of handmade to the appeal of the classic or high-tech materials, such as satinized steel, braided leather, exotic textures, calf leather and plexiglas. From the ideas in indestructible Corian® to the eco friendly variants in nylon and eco leather, Doggyly Collection expresses love for comfort, quality, style and elegance towards our four legged friends.

The design

Doggyly dog beds are the result of a stylistic high level research that harmonizes the basic needs of relax and comfort of our most faithful friend with the environment. Every Doggyly model is proposed according to your home style and fashion tendencies, to give the dog a five star comfort and to the home an extra, unique and exclusive furnishing.


  • Prime numbers
  • Comfort & Relax
  • Functionality & style

A prime number is divided only for one or for itself. Just like our dog is unique and only himself. For this reason a prime number distinguishes the various Doggyly models and underlines the original and exclusive character, such as the one of our most beloved friend.

”Luxury is comfort, comfort is luxury”. Who deserves these gifts more than our most faithful friend? Doggyly beds belong to a demanding and refined public, that wants the best for their dogs. The accurate design research makes every kind of Doggyly bed an exclusive object of a unique style, that shows our love for dogs, for beauty and quality of Made in Italy. Doggyly dog beds are designed in function to dog’s relax and comfort, but they also are elegant furniture complements and fine trims easily inserted in any environment.


Researching shapes, selecting materials, accuracy in finishing touches. Nothing is neglected by Doggyly to make our dog’s beds their place of absolute comfort. Every detail is studied in function to its anatomy, to guarantee protection and safety in a stylish furniture complement that can be placed in prestigious environments, either classic or modern. Giving to our best four legged friend the warmth and all our attentions is for him a real ”Man Therapy”, that makes him feel unique and loved, just like he loves us.

Every Doggyly dog bed is realized with constructive materials and systems that make it easy to clean and maintain. Surfaces in eco leather and structures in metal cleanse easily with a wet pad, pillow covers can be washed in 30° and neutral soap. In this way your best friend’s bed will be more welcoming and without any bad odors in no time at all.

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